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System Operations

PJM works behind the scenes to ensure the reliability of the power grid and to keep the lights on. System Operations is responsible for managing the transmission and distribution grid. PJM coordinates and directs the operation of the region’s transmission grid. Power grid operators at PJM make real-time decisions that balance electricity supply and demand to keep the lights on. PJM performs “what if” scenarios all day long to assess conditions based on data from hundreds of thousands of points on the grid every four seconds.

Operations Summary
Operations Reports


Forecasted Generation Outages
Wind: Generation | Power Graph
Generation & Extra High Voltage Losses
Capacity by Fuel Type: 2022 PDF
Dynamic Transfer - generators outside of PJM footprint wanting to deliver output into PJM territory
Tie Lines - connect two or more balancing authorities or transmission zones of an electric system
Initiate a Generation Transfer Process | User Guide PDFSpreadsheet DOC
Automated Combustion Turbine Notifications


Off-Cost Operations
Outage Analysis Reports - For use by transmission and reliability personnel only. 
Transmission Facilities  - request access

RTO Transfer Limit & Flows

This data is now available at Data Miner.


Load Forecasts  
Hourly Load: Preliminary | Estimated | Metered


Actual/Schedule Summary Report
Real-Time Scheduled Interchange

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New to System Operations?

Transmission Zones PDF (2.45 MB)
Interregional Data Map


How system operations work in PJM
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Generation Operator Fundamentals
Fundamentals of Transmission Operations
Transmission planning, modeling & energization training materials can be found on the RTEP Development page


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State Net Import/Export Map
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M-1: Control Center & Data Exchange Requirements
WEBCurrent | Redline PDF
M-3: Transmission Operations
WEBCurrentRedline PDF Sections 1-3
M-3A: Energy Management System (EMS) Model Updates & Quality Assurance (QA)
WEBCurrent | Redline PDF
M-10: Pre-Scheduling Operations
WEBCurrentRedline PDF
M-11: Energy & Ancillary Services Market Operations
WEBCurrent | Redline PDF
M-12: Balancing Operations
WEBCurrent | Redline PDF
M-13: Emergency Operations
WEBCurrentRedline PDF Section 5
M-14D: Generator Operational Requirements
WEBCurrentRedline PDF Sections 1-4, 6-11
M-36: System Restoration
WEBCurrent | Redline PDF
M-37: Reliability Coordination
WEBCurrentRedline PDF
M-38: Operations Planning
WEBCurrent | Redline PDF
M-39: Nuclear Plant Interface Coordination
WEBCurrent | Redline PDF
M-40: Certification & Training Requirements
WEBCurrent | Redline PDF

Informational Notices

Notification Regarding Communication of Member Confidential Information During Operations PDF