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Intermittent Resources Subcommittee

The Intermittent Resources Subcommittee (IRS) is an ongoing subcommittee established by the Market Implementation Committee at its February 11, 2015 meeting. The purpose of the IRS is to provide a stakeholder forum to investigate and resolve intermittent resource specific issues and procedures in accordance with PJM stakeholder process protocols. Intermittent resources are characterized by:

  1. a dependence on natural factors beyond the control of the resource operator for their energy production and,
  2. having little or no fuel or energy storage capability.

Intermittent resources include, but are not limited to, wind and solar facilities.

Chair: Ken Schuyler
Secretary: Joseph Carl

During the meeting, if you are experiencing issues with connectivity or teleconference, please contact Meeting Support. For registration issues, contact PJM.

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 6.19.2019 - Intermittent Resources Subcommittee

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