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Renewable Dispatch

As renewable resources continue to integrate into PJM, operational issues arise due to inconsistent controllability of resources. A variety of factors can impact unit dispatchability including technological limitations, forecast accuracy, and fuel availability. Unreliable dispatch of renewable resources presents challenges with short-term forward looking analysis.

Proposed Timeline

Issue initiated: 1.13.2022
Work begins: 2.18.2022
Target Completion: 5.31.2023
Actual Completion: 10.7.2022

Issue Details

Stakeholder Body Operating Committee
Facilitator Phillips, Darlene J.
OC Approval Date 10.7.2022
MRC Approval Date 4.26.2023
MC Approval Date 5.31.2023
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Issue Charge First Read
Issue Catalyst PJM
Issue Status Closed
Manual Changes No
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