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Critical Gas Infrastructure – Demand Response Participation

Based on the outcome of the joint FERC/NERC report on the impact of the severe cold weather event that occurred between February 8, 2021 and February 20, 2021 on the grid in Texas and South Central United States, PJM is responding to its recommendations regarding certain Demand Response participation. The report states in part at Key Recommendation 1h “To require Balancing Authorities’ operating plans (for contingency reserves and to mitigate capacity and energy emergencies) to prohibit use for demand response of critical natural gas infrastructure loads.”

Proposed Timeline

Issue initiated: 3.9.2022
Work begins: 2.9.2022
Target Completion: 1.9.2023
Actual Completion: 9.2.2022

Issue Details

Stakeholder Body Demand Response Subcommittee
Facilitator Langbein, Peter
MIC Approval Date 10.6.2022
MRC Approval Date 11.16.2022
MC Approval Date 12.21.2022
Problem Statement/
Issue Charge First Read
Issue Catalyst PJM
Issue Status Closed
Manual Changes Yes
Agreement Changes Open Access Transmission Tariff, Operating Agreement, Reliability Assurance Agreement
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