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Annual Meeting of Members

The PJM Annual Meeting of Members is held each year in May and is composed of numerous meetings (Transmission Owners, General Session, PIEOUG, etc.) and events. The primary purpose of the Annual Meeting is for selecting a person to fill the seat of a Board Member whose term is expiring. This election takes place at the Members Committee (MC) Meeting. The MC meeting is open to the public, however, all other Annual Meeting events are for PJM members only. Invitations to this event will be sent out in January to the Members Committee representatives. Questions pertaining to the Annual Meeting should be submitted via the Contact Us form.

During the meeting, if you are experiencing issues with connectivity or teleconference, please contact Meeting Support. For registration issues, contact PJM.


Sponsorships are given out on a "first-come, first-serve" basis. Please contact Sheila Foley at (610) 666-4778 to discuss sponsorship opportunities.

Silver Sponsorship

If the sponsor is a vendor, they will get one vendor invitation to the event.

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