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The Open Access Same-Time Information System (OASIS) provides information about available transmission capability for point-to-point service and a process for requesting transmission service on a non-discriminatory basis. OASIS enables transmission providers and transmission customers to communicate requests and responses to buy and sell available transmission capacity offered under the Open Access Transmission Tariff.

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User Guide | API Guide PDF
3.19.2019 Tech Change Forum - Special Session - OASIS Training & Education
Product Name Changes from OASIS Legacy to Refresh PDF

Command Line Interface - Java 8+ ZIP | Checksums: SHA2 | SHA3

NAESB BPS WEQ 001-13 Standardized Information

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Business Practices, Waivers & Exemptions
ATC Information

Business Practices, Waivers & Exemptions

Regional Practices: Clean PDFRedline PDF
Regional Practices & Merchant Business Practices Amendment Process PDF
PJM Waivers and Exemptions
Intra-BA Transaction Submission Method Selection PDF

OASIS Reference

Open Access Transmission Tariff WEB | PDF  
Credit Overview PDF  
Overview of PJM UDS Fail Procedures PDF  
OASIS Transmission Path Source/Sink Values XLS  5.21.2024
Fixed Weighted-Average Aggregate Definitions  
North American Electric Reliability Corporation Tagging - Priority Codes Job Aid DOC  
PJM Transmission Charges Example PDF
Options for Procuring New Firm PTP Transmission Service PDF

Designated Network Resources (DNR)*

Designated Network Resources (DNR) CSV **
DNR Delisting Requests CSV

DNRs listed are physically internal to PJM. External resources may be queried on the PJM OASIS.
** Does not account for delisting requests.

Market Integration Reservations

Ohio Valley Electric Corporation (OVEC) as of 11.7.2018 PDF

Confirmed OASIS Requests

Process of Sharing or Transferring Unused Allocations PDF

PJM is posting confirmed transmission reservation data in an effort to provide more efficient access to historical reservation data. The monthly posting is posted approximately 6 business days after the last day of the previous month.

Note: All hours in the files below are in Eastern Prevailing Time (EPT) unless otherwise noted.


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