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Data Miner

Data Miner gives members and non-members easier, faster and more reliable access to PJM's public data. The tool features a robust architecture, monitoring of data quality, and the ability to search and filter data. Automatic queries can be received with a PJM account through the Data Miner application program interfaces (API).

To learn about upcoming technical changes to Data Miner, please visit PJM’s Tech Change Forum.

If you cannot find the data you are looking for, visit the Data Availability page.

Data Miner
Release Notes

Acceptable Terms of Use PDF

Users should not exceed 600 data connections per minute.

Information and data contained in Data Miner is for internal use only and redistribution of information and or data contained in or derived from Data Miner is strictly prohibited without an effective PJM-issued redistribution license.

Reference Materials

Tech Change Community  
eDataFeed to Data Miner Feeds List PDF   5.5.2020
Historic Data Guide PDF   6.26.2020
Getting Started Guide PDF   3.12.2019
Hourly Load Areas Mapping XLS    9.24.2018
API Guide PDF 7.31.2020


Tech Change Community  7.28.2020