Committees & Groups

Members Committee

Top Level Committees The Members Committee (MC) reviews and decides upon all major changes and initiatives proposed by committees and user groups. The MC provides advice and recommendations to PJM on all matters relating to:

  • the safe and reliable operation of the PJM grid,
  • the creation and operation of a robust, competitive and non-discriminatory electric power market, and
  • ensuring there is no undue influence over PJM’s operations by any member or group of members.

Chair: Susan Bruce, McNees Wallace & Nurick LLC
Vice Chair: Michael Borgatti, Gabel & Associates
Secretary: Dave Anders

Board Response on Artificial Island – Members & StakeholdersPDF
Single Meeting Voting Proxy

Meeting Materials

 6.21.2017 - Stakeholder Process Training

 6.19.2017 - Stakeholder Process Forum

 3.23.2017 - State of the Market Report Review

 3.20.2017 - Stakeholder Process Forum

 1.18.2017 - Stakeholder Process Training