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Solar-Battery Hybrid Resources

There are over 10,000 megawatts of co-located generation and energy storage “hybrids resources” in the PJM Queue1 . Over 95% of those megawatts are solar-battery hybrids. PJM staff has identified a variety of existing business rules that would apply to hybrid resources that merit discussion, clarification, and, in some limited cases, enhancement.
PJM staff supports the investigation of this problem statement and issue charge for solar-battery resources to ensure that the operation of its markets continue to evolve with advancements in renewable and energy storage technologies.

Issue Details

Strategic Focus Area: Markets
Issue Status: Emerging
Stakeholder Body: DER & Inverter-Based Resources Subcommittee
Stakeholder Process Status: Approved
Issue Catalyst: PJM
Date Created: 6.3.2020
MC Approval Date:
Target Completion Date: 12.31.2020
Actual Completion Date:
FERC Filing(s): TBD
Agreement Change(s):
Manual Change(s): No
MC Annual Plan: 2020