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Operating Reserve Clarification for Resources Operating as Requested by PJM

This issue stems from opportunities to clarify and/or enhance rules governing the calculation of Balancing Operating Reserve credits paid to supply resources determined to be operating as requested by PJM and how such determination is made. As part of this effort, there are also opportunities to strengthen incentives for supply resources to operate consistent with PJM’s directions.

Proposed Timeline

Issue initiated: 3.10.2022
Work begins: 4.13.2022
Target Completion: 9.30.2024
Actual Completion: TBD

Issue Details

Stakeholder Body Market Implementation Committee
Facilitator Disciullo, Nicholas
Subject Matter Expert Weathers, Brian
Problem Statement/
Issue Charge First Read
Issue Catalyst PJM & IMM
Issue Status Solution Alternatives Proposed
Manual Changes Yes
Agreement Changes Open Access Transmission Tariff, Operating Agreement
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