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Issue Tracking provides a comprehensive list of all significant issues affecting PJM and its members. It also provides the ability to track a single issue across the PJM stakeholder process without searching numerous committee Web pages to monitor progress.

If you don't see an issue below, it may be found in the archived issues listPDF.

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Standing committee level:
Committee Issue Strategic Focus Area Issue Status Stakeholder Process Status MC Annual Plan
MICLong Term FTR AuctionCompetitive MarketsEmerging Approved2018
MICTransmission Penalty FactorsCompetitive MarketsEvaluation in Progress Interest2017
MICMarket Path/Interface Pricing Point AlignmentCompetitive MarketsEvaluation in Progress Education2017
CSRegulation Only Resource Credit RequirementCompetitive MarketsAwaiting Senior Committee Approval Consensus2017
CSDefault Liquidation ProvisionsCompetitive MarketsEvaluation in Progress Approved2017
MICMonthly FTR Auction Results Posting DelayCompetitive MarketsSolution Alternatives Proposed Options2017
MICEnergy Efficiency Resource Aggregations in PJM’s Capacity MarketCompetitive MarketsEvaluation in Progress Options2017
MICFTR SurplusCompetitive MarketsSolution Alternatives Proposed Options2017
DRSPrice Responsive Demand Review for Capacity Performance RequirementsReliability/OperationsSolution Alternatives Proposed Packages2017
PFRSTFPrimary Frequency Response RequirementReliability/OperationsEvaluation in Progress Education2017
MICFTR Modeling Enhancements for Future Transmission ExpansionsCompetitive MarketsSolution Alternatives Proposed Options2017
CSFTR Credit Exposure from Transmission ChangesCompetitive MarketsSolution Alternatives Proposed Packages2017
MICVariable Operation & Maintenance CostsCompetitive MarketsSolution Alternatives Proposed Options2017
IASTFReplacement CapacityCompetitive MarketsSolution Alternatives Proposed Options2017
MICOpportunity Cost CalculatorCompetitive MarketsEvaluation in Progress Options2017
CCPPSTFState Public Policy Initiatives and the PJM Capacity ConstructCompetitive MarketsEvaluation in Progress Design2017
MICMarket Operations Price TransparencyCompetitive MarketsEvaluation in Progress Design2017
MSSPseudo-Tied Generators and Dynamic Schedules End-of-Month Meter CorrectionCompetitive MarketsAwaiting Implementation & FERC Approval Review2017
MGSTFModeling Generation in Markets GatewayCompetitive MarketsSolution Alternatives Proposed Packages2017
IASTFIncremental Auction ProcessCompetitive MarketsSolution Alternatives Proposed Consensus2017
MICShortage Pricing Operating Reserve Demand Curve (ORDC) – Order 825Competitive MarketsAwaiting Implementation & FERC Approval Review2017
MSSFERC Order 825 – Sub-Hourly SettlementsCompetitive MarketsAwaiting Implementation & FERC Approval Review2017
PCNew Service Request Study MethodsReliability/OperationsAwaiting Implementation & FERC Approval Packages2017
MICAnnual Revenue Requirements for new Black Start Units